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Nowhere Campsite Off Road in North West Namibia: 2. Over the van Zyl's pass Marble Community Camp

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nВ° 6 - Oryx, Kaokoland - Namibie - CrГ©dit : David Rey Camp Chobe nВ° 5 - Marienfluss, fleuve Kunene, Kaokoland - Namibie - CrГ©dit : David

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Blog-6-3 ... Kaokoland: Himba culture, Kunene River, Marienfluss, Epupa Falls Wildebeest as far as the eye can see Credit: Serengeti Safari Camp

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4x4 Trekking in Africa (Part 4 - 4x4 Travel in Namibia - Marienfluss Valley to Twfelfontein) Himba women against a magnificent Marienfluss background, Namibia View from up the mountain of the ranch, Koiimasis, across the valley

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Ein abgemagerter Hund, bei dem man jede Rippe zählen kann, setzt sich direkt zu uns an den Platz. Er hat in seinem Leben sicher schon allerlei Prügel ... Spitzkoppe

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Kaokoland is home to the Himba. Little girls wear - before reaching puberty - two The long run down to the town of Sesfontein. Set up with portable tree and cat at Sylvia's feet.

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Listen for African Scops-Owl during the day – they have a distinctive prrrpp call, which helps you triangulate them. The camp staff also try and keep tabs ... Kaokoland Scenery Marienfluss, Koakoland in Nothern Namibia. The Angola border is about 20km behind us.

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Camping in Kaokoland and Damaraland 2016-10-06 We booked in for the night, to camp, at N$280 and had a giggle at the “standard” room price of N$1 500 and buffet supper at R257 per person, ... Alpec Bushcamp and Gamepark is conveniently situated about 8.6km from Kamanjab on the C35 main tarred road to Opuwa. This make it the ideal stop over after ...

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Located between two very steep mountain ranges in Namibia's Marienfluss, it got its name from the Dutch explorer who found the way across in the 1920's with ... Mowani Mountain Camp and Camp Kipwe 2015 Safari Awards Results. ... delivered to camp or pumped from a borehole. Instead, the pool water is collected from the rains and filtered for swimming. The pool also serves another ...

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... was a great insight of how material things can so easily be replaced - yet important things like love, people, and knowing Jesus as a friend are ... ... exited the concession and made our way towards Sesfontein on the main gravel road stopping at Khowarib community campsite along the way for lunch. Mrad & Inge's 60+ Namibia KAOKOLAND: D15: Bushcamp - Orange Drum - Blue Drum - Red Drum - Marble Mine/Onjuva (98km)

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The evening we spent at the Marble Camp, not far away from the Rooidrom Pass, watching some parrots flying around and fighting for the best position around ... _MG_1314

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Community game guards and Oryx, Marienfluss Conservancy Photo: Jason Longo 2014 04 12 - 3 - Van Zyl's Pass via Marienfluss to Rooidrom ... Okonjima Luxury Bush Camp